Len Wiseman interested in helming Wolverine

sgs-001905.jpgHostage 2 Live Free or Die Hard is released next week in the U.S. in what looks to be a PG-13 "lite" version of the once gritty and raw series. This film has been heading in the wrong direction since day one and it's not just because of their decision to hire Len Wiseman (although that plays a big part) but the studio's vision for the film has been hopelessly misguided. Earlier this month, we reported that 20th Century Fox had lined up two directors who were their first and second choice to helm the X-Men spin-off movie Wolverine. Fox's first choice was Disturbia helmer D.J. Caruso who has been jolted into the spotlight now that his last movie did so well at the Box Office. Their back-up plan was said to be Len Wiseman. Wiseman, obviously delighted about being linked with getting his hands on another popular franchise told Superhero Hype that it was something he would be interested in...
"'Wolverine' is something I was interested in way before I was talking to these guys about 'Die Hard...I think it would be a great story to tell, and in the case of that film, it wouldn't be in terms of large-scale action, but it's something I'm interested in, in his origin story and the character story with that, and I know how Hugh would play it, and that would be awesome. So that would be my passion for that is that I think the character story is really cool, and I'd love to see it and be there the first day anyway. There's so many things that have been going on and I know that there are so many other directors. There's nothing set in any fashion, but it has been talked about."
It's been talked about? Are you suggesting you have held talks with the studio, or are you just talking about those rumors that we all know. Reading those comments above, he has the right idea about what Wolverine needs but sadly I'm not sure if he has the talent to follow-through his convictions.

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