Lindsay Lohan In Talks To Portrary Murdered Sharon Tate in EYES OF A DREAMER

Speaking to EW, photographer Tyler Shields claims that the consistently law-troubling Lindsay Lohan is sensationally in talks for a role in Eyes of a Dreamer, a movie he hopes to direct this summer about convicted murderer Charles Manson, where Lohan would play the role of his most high-profile victim, film star Sharon Tate. It's a tough story to believe, no least because she was just let go from a Linda Lovelace biopic for violating probation and checking into the Betty Ford clinic and a studio would have to be particularly desperate to put their balls on the line for an actress like Lohan, who you could never guarantee would turn up on the first day of work, let alone turn up in the right mindset. But Shields is the films director, so we have to take him seriously... As I'm sure you are all familiar about that black day in Hollywood history, Sharon Tate was a popular actress very much on the rise back in 1969 when she was heinously murdered by the cult leader Charles Manson and his devout and disturbing followers, losing the child she was pregnant with in the process. At the time she was married to Roman Polanski, and her murder began a psychological torment in the director that led to his own legal trouble some years later. OWF's Laurent Kelly wrote about the incident in his article in September titled 'The Defining Moments of Roman Polanski'; "Like most psychopaths he was and in fact still is someone who believed that the world revolved around him. His gang were a bunch of degenerates desperately clinging onto his propaganda to try and validate their pathetic existence. His name was Charles Manson and he was about to change the director€™s life. Sharon Tate was eight months pregnant and entertaining friends when her house was invaded by strangers who killed everyone present. At the time there appeared to be no motive and Polanski was as shocked as he was upset. Unable to trust anyone he lived for months in a constant state of paranoia suspecting even close friends and associates. Then whilst undergoing a stint in jail in November 1969 a young woman by the name of Susan Atkins bragged to an inmate that she was responsible for Sharon Tate€™s murder. After that the truth began to unravel piece by piece. In the early summer of 1970 it finally became clear that Manson was the deranged leader of a cult who had ordered his followers to slaughter wealthy people in their homes as a form of revenge for his own inability to be embraced by the world of show-business. Sharon Tate was brutally stabbed sixteen times in the back and chest. Even whilst undergoing these barbaric attacks she had the wherewithal to beg for the life of her unborn child. In the most callous and calculating act of all this wish was denied." The omnipresent reporting of Lindsay Lohan's various addictions and run-ins with the law is what Shields hopes will help endear audiences to her portrayal of Tate, as they are already familiar with the Mean Girls actress' troubled lifestyle. Eyes of a Dreamer, set to film July 15th (a date that could prove to be problematic, as Lohan may be facing a prison sentence after an upcoming possible trial), is intended to go 'all the way' with accurately depicting Manson's violent murders, with the director stating;
€œI€™m just going to be directing people to do the craziest s€” they€™ve ever done, I€™m going to find a way to do it where it doesn€™t turn people off, but it gives you the feeling of it. I want this to really hit people in a really specific place.€
Lohan's court date is scheduled for April 22nd, and shall determine whether or not she will face trial. In case you hadn't already heard (if so, lucky you), Lohan is facing trial for her alleged stealing of a necklace in a California Jewellery store. This arrest is one of many that the starlet has faced in recent years, and if charged (which is highly unlikely considering her track record with avoiding jail time) her potential involvement with the film will face removal. OWF's opinion on Shields courting of Lohan for his movie? Well just as it was with the Lovelace movie (which was being setup as a sick movie), it feels like a pathetic attempt to gain publicity from the hiring of a much scrutinized public figure. Or opportune 'Stunt Casting' if you will. Obvious and disgusting - just like a movie about Tate's murder would be, no matter who starred in it.
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