Lindsay Lohan Really Wants To Play Batgirl

Well, shy kids get no sweets...

Batgirl Lindsay Lohan
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The status of several upcoming DCEU - or DC stand-alone - movies might well be a little up in the air for now, but it still seems that Joss Whedon's Batgirl is still on the cards, simply by virtue of a lack of an official cancellation.

The DC slate looks set for some changes with the appointment of Walter Hamada as the new head of Warner Bros, and while some projects have been confirmed - Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 2 to name them - and some look distinctly likely - like The Batman, Flashpoint, and Suicide Squad 2 - it seems unlikely that we'll see every DC film that has been talked about in the past year or so.

Batgirl wouldn't necessarily be a popular cancellation - even with some of the heat Whedon has taken for how Justice League turned out (particularly from Zack Snyder's staunchest fans) - and the idea of Warner Bros cancelling their second female-led DCEU movie after Wonder Woman's success feels somewhat unlikely. Production might have slowed for now, but news on its progress previously had looked positive, so it might not be right to expect doom.


And if Whedon does get to make Batgirl, he's got a very willing volunteer to play the lead in the shape of Lindsay Lohan. The unlikely figure took to Twitter to start campaigning for the role of Barbara Gordon, asking her fans to get her interest to Whedon's attention:


It's not going to happen, is it?

Even with the whispered suggestion that this Batgirl will be different to what we've seen on the page before, Lohan's take on the character might be a leap too far. And she's done very little recently to suggest she deserves a flagship movie of this size.


But stranger things HAVE happened...

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