Live-action Thundercats movie is greenlit

s.jpgThundercats! Another 80's cartoon and toy franchise series that studio's are turning to in what can now officially be labeled as a film movement. It's funny isn't it... What exactly are people going to call this era of film in twenty or thirty years time? Is it going to be the exciting new era of movie-making as we push new technologies and original ideas to the hilt? Not exactly. We are a confused generation living in the past, constantly trying to resurrect franchises from our childhood experiences. Is it because the past we can look at in more favourable light than our future which is looking increasingly more dangerous and uncertain with terrorism, war, global warming and the like. Anyway, Variety are telling us that Warner Brothers have snapped up a spec script written by Paul Sopocy (his first ever script sale) which puts the characters in a live-action universe. The script is said to be an origin story, focusing on Lion-O and his journey into leadership of The Thundercats. Thundercats wasn't my think as a youngster, but I know Dan loves it and bloody hell how many god damn t-shirts do I see of this thing every week. Every time I go shopping I must see at least three of them. Is this the new Transformers? And seriously, when is this craze going to end?

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