Live Oscars 2011 Chat Tonight At Obsessed With Film

For the fifth consecutive year, Obsessed With Film will be covering the full Academy Awards ceremony live tonight, once again hosted by myself and my colour commentator Simon Gallagher. We will be debating about the year in film, giving our thoughts on all the contenders and our uncensored and knee-jerk reactions to the always hilarious Oscar gaffs, and just generally getting angry when The King€™s Speech beats The Social Network to glory and of course, when those who we lost this past year are not being included in the 'In Memorium" segment. Our coverage will begin somewhere between 10 and 11pm GMT tonight, depending on whether we can be bothered to cover the Red Carpet. Hope to see you there!
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Matt Holmes is the co-founder of What Culture, formerly known as Obsessed With Film. He has been blogging about pop culture and entertainment since 2006 and has written over 10,000 articles.