Logan: 22 WTF Moments In Wolverine's Final Stand

So what universe IS this, exactly?

Logan WTF

It's almost impossible to conceive it, but the same studio who have mishandled Fantastic Four twice and who were widely criticised for their latest mainline X-Men movie have scored one of the biggest wins of the year and it's still only March. Just try and imagine a world where two R-rated Fox/Marvel comic book movies released in the early months of the year (traditionally a graveyard for blockbuster turkeys) are the most widely beloved movies of two consecutive years...

Deadpool was good in 2016, but Logan might well be the most jaw-dropping achievement in comic book movies of all time. It's not quite as epic as The Dark Knight, or as pulpy as Captain America: Civil War, but it is braver than both, very possibly better directed than both, and absolutely more brutal. It is heart-breaking, exhilarating and hauntingly memorable, and even with two of the X-Men's finest players retiring in it, it feels like the satisfying end to a great chapter.

And while it's almost an anti-comic book movie, Logan knows its place in the genre, even as it invents new opportunities and opens darker, braver doors. Which means its still full of Easter Eggs to go alongside the weird, wonderfully and downright jaw-dropping moments.

It might be more realistic, more adult and more grim than any other comic book movie ever made, but that doesn't mean it isn't bursting with WTF Moments...

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