Logan: 31 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

21. X-23

x23 marvel

Laura of course turns out to be a clone of Wolverine, despite looking absolutely nothing like him, just as she was in the comics.

In the comics she's also blessed with two hand claws and a foot claw on both feet (rather expertly explained in the film as an evolutionary quirk because female animals are both hunter and protector, and the rear claws are for defence).

But there's a more precise pair of Easter Eggs in her backstory than that. At one point we see Gabriella's inside story (handily saved on her mobile) of the Transigen Project's use of child clones, and we see Laura's claws being bonded with Adamantium. The scene is very much reminiscent of her surgery in Innocence Lost, her origin comic.

The flashback video also hauntingly shows Laura cutting her arms, testing her healing factor in a chilling moment, which happens in her comic origin series too. And the shot's visual of her on her knees in her ceel very much feels like a nod to the cover of comic NYX #4...

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