Looper: 20 Mistakes Rian Johnson Should Have Avoided

Before I continue I will preface this article by saying that I liked Looper from writer/director Rian Johnson - in fact, I really liked it, it's a Sci-Fi action piece that is, at the very least, competently made by a team that had a vision of creating a new-age morality tale. It gave Bruce Willis his best role since Sin City, continued Joseph Gordon-Levitt's winning streak of great roles since 500 Days of Summer and put its writer/director firmly on the map. However, let's not go for blind praise, because there are quite a few mistakes that Johnson and company should've avoided. Part of the fun of these high-concept Sci-Fi thrillers is to discuss them afterwards with the people that you saw them with, to find the plot or "Loop" holes in this case and see what kept it from being great. Oh, and it should go without saying but SPOILERS are ahead. I will be ruining the movie for the sake of finding what didn't work. Again if you haven't seen the movie continue no further. Alright, with all that out of the way lets examine what the filmmaker's should've avoided.

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