Looper: 5 Things That Made It Best Film Of 2012

5. Its Execution

No matter interesting or well written a film is, it lives and dies by how well it's delivered: and Rian Johnson's direction catapults this from a run of the mill film to an emotive, beautifully designed character thriller that excites just as much as any other. From the subtle backgrounds of their modern world there to calmly set the scene of where Jo comes from and why he is so desperate to have something that was his, through to the focused conversational scenes, the action scenes, the slow motion TK scenes, the whole film just blends seamlessly to make a world that we buy in to as well as want to learn more about. It flows and is embossed with the directorial passion of a man who loves the story he is telling and wants to do it the best way possible, this is Johnson's world, and oh what a world it is. Where Other 2012 Films Failed: The Avengers: One shot of Scarlett Johansson's thighs away from being a Michael Bay film. The Dark Knight Rises: Oh so many plotholes... Prometheus: What is this film trying to be exactly? No-one knows.
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