Lord Of The Rings: 10 Movie Mistakes They Hoped You Missed

9. Pippin Reties His Bonds

Lord of the Rings
Warner Bros. Pictures

Although we are constantly told Aragorn is a ranger during the Fellowship of the Ring, it isn't until the Two Towers that we really see him putting those Dúnedain skills into practice. During the early stages of the second movie Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are forced to run day and night in hopes of tracking down the party of Uruk-hai who captured Merry and Pippin.

After their encounter with Éomer, the three hunters are driven almost to despair when they believe the hobbits perished along with their captors. That is until Aragorn spots something, and the viewer is taken on a step by step account of how those intuitive little hobbits made their escape.

Pippin is shown narrowly avoiding the pounding hooves of a warhorses. Aragorn then exclaims the hobbit's hands were bound, before finding evidence that they freed themselves. Both hobbits are then shown frantically cutting their bonds on an orc blade, before heading into the forrest. The only thing is, in that earlier scene of Pippin rolling away from the horse, his hands are already free...

Now either this indicates that Aragorn got the sequencing wrong in his head, or it was a simple case of the editor overlooking a key detail in the scene.


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