Lord Of The Rings & Hobbit: 12 BIGGEST Mistakes We Have To Live With

11. Gandalf's Subplot In The Hobbit

lord of the rings saruman
Warner Bros. Pictures

One of the many misguided subplots in The Hobbit Trilogy is Gandalf separating from the other main characters and going off to investigate signs of Sauron.

Not only was this entire plot-line dull and weightless, but it just felt like a transparent and forced way to link the LOTR to The Hobbit Trilogy.

As well as this, Gandalf abandoning Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and the dwarves felt out-of-character and irresponsible and it reduced Ian McKellen's screen-time in the films too.

Less of him is always a bad thing, and given how underdeveloped nearly all of those dwarf characters were, having Gandalf there would've provided some nice relief.


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