Lots of The Dark Knight updates!

eric_roberts.jpg We have no confirmation on this yet but the LA Daily News through Coming Soon are reporting that Heroes and The L Word star Eric Roberts will be playing a mafia kingpin boss in The Dark Knight. We have to presume that this is the role of Sal Maroni, which we heard rumblings that Alan Dale had been scouted for, which was then later denied. Again this casting is far from confirmed but with filming already under-way in Chicago, it surely won't be long until we get an official press release on this thing. Also, whilst I was away it was confirmed that William Fitchner will have a cameo as a bank manager in the film which will make way for BIG SPOILERS... a big bank heist scene which will be a part of the film (said to be the opening and involving The Joker's Men.... think the very ending of Batman Begins!!). You can read all about the scene and see a set photo by clicking here, but again it's only for you naughty people who can't wait for the flick!! You can also see a video from filming of this scene by clicking on the Youtube video below. Thanks to Batman on Film, the best site to keep up to date with all your Batman goodness.

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