M. Night Shyamalan's Glass: 7 Plot Predictions

1. No Shyamalan Signature Twist

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In a sense, Shyamalan owes the success of his career to twist endings.

The revelation that Bruce Willis' character is actually dead in The Sixth Sense is a moment that's perhaps only topped by The Empire Strikes Back's "I am your father" in the pantheon of cinematic twists.

These twists have also acted like a gimmick of sorts, a way to get people more interested in his movies. Let's be honest - a lot of us went to see Split because we heard there was an earth-shattering twist, and they're a big reason we watch Shyamalan movies in the first place.

But Glass doesn't need this gimmick. Unbreakable and Split had their twists, they gained their audiences, and now Glass is bringing those two worlds together. This doesn't necessarily need to be a Shyamalan movie with a Shyamalan trademark; it just needs to be a strong character piece with an engaging conflict.

It's also hard to think of a twist that organically fits into this story. The Sixth Sense, Signs and The Village were all, essentially, mystery films, that lent themselves well to a third-act revelation. In a story that's set to be Dunn vs The Beast with Elijah pulling the strings, is there even any room for a mystery? What would that mystery even be?

Shyamalan is directing very smartly as of late, and in Glass, we think he'll let the characters (that he clearly loves) shine, rather than having the film be defined by one, potentially gimmicky, third-act reveal.

What do you think will happen in Glass? Share your thoughts in the comments thread!

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