MacGruber 2 Update

But probably not quite as soon as some might think.

Updated: As if to verify what's straight and what's not in the Hollywood Life report, The Wrap asked Forte about MacGruber 2 too, and this time relayed the facts more carefully and precisely. "We have a loose outline of the first couple of acts," he said, "which we€™re really excited about. So we€™ve just got to flesh it out a little more.€ Quite a bit more. And he also added that if The Last Man on Earth was picked up for a second season, that would take precedence. So, MacGruber fans, don't hold your breath. Original Story Follows... Though Hollywood Life got an encouraging quote from Will Forte on the long-promised MacGruber 2, they seem to have misinterpreted it some what. Here are the words they take from Forte's mouth, apparently about his work on the film: "In a couple weeks, when postproduction is over, I€™m gonna get in there," I would think he's talking about getting into the writing of the film again once work on the final episodes The Last Man on Earth is complete; or maybe he was just mocking a red carpet gossip journalist. I simply can't believe that he's somehow shot the film in secret and is only a fortnight away from wrapping post production. No way. But it's still encouraging noises about MacGruber 2. The first film didn't do anything that Hollywood usually expects from a franchise starter - which is to say, it hardly set the box office on fire, and it hasn't become and Anchorman-style cultural force, quoted at every turn. But it has its fans, and some of them are very passionate. I'll be glad to see another MacGruber film, though I would like something a little more consistent, maybe little less disposable than the first film. The Last Man on Earth starts screening this Sunday in the US, and that looks like far stronger stuff. Not only is it shaping up to work as a comedy, it seems loaded with good ideas and some more thoughtful notions too.
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