Mads Mikkelsen Reveals His Star Wars: Rogue One Character

And he teases his role in Doctor Strange!

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When the first teaser for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped earlier this month, there was almost as much talk about what we didn't see as what we did.

While the trailer showed off the majority of the confirmed main cast, including Felicity Jones' Rebel, Jyn Erso, and Ben Mendelsohn's mystery villain, there was one big name missing: Mads Mikkelsen.

The Casino Royale and Hannibal actor has one of the leading roles in the movie, yet he didn't show up in the teaser, and nothing has been revealed about his character. Until now. Speaking with Sky News, Mikkelsen discussed his role in the movie, and probably gave away a little bit more than he was supposed to, saying:


"I read the script and it was very beautiful, and Felicity is playing this lovely, strong woman and I play her father. And that was too much. I'm sorry."

That Mikkelsen was playing Jones' father was something that had already been rumoured, and now that it's confirmed the speculation will begin anew about how exactly he fits into the film, with the biggest rumour that he is actually involved in creating the Death Star. There's still a lot of secrecy surrounding this film, and Mikkelsen's comments just open up more questions. December can't come soon enough.


Elsewhere in the interview (which you can watch below), he refuses to be drawn on whether or not Darth Vader will be in the movie, and also speaks about his character in Marvel's Doctor Strange:

"I believe I'm allowed to say that I play an opponent. Not really a baddie, but someone who believes in something else than Doctor Strange believes in."


Again, that's really much of a surprise based on what we've already seen of the character, though it's interesting to note how the character obviously views himself, and will just add to the theories about who he's playing in the movie.

Doctor Strange will be released on November 4, while Rogue One hits on December 16.

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