Malcolm McDowell is Dr. Loomis!

mcdowell.jpgVeteran actor Malcolm McDowell has been cast in Rob Zombie's remake of the John Carpenter horror classic Halloween. He will playing the famous role of Dr. Loomis. He's a great actor for sure but how on Earth is he going to be able to make the part his own after Donald Pleasance's performance in the original. Pleasance is one of my favourite actors because of his ability to completely transform himself into any character he was portraying, making you forget ever other role he had in the past. This what Zombie had to say on the choice... "As many of you know A Clockwork Orange is my favorite film and I am a huge, huge fan of Malcolm. I know Malcolm will kick ass as Dr. Loomis. He is thrilled to be part of HALLOWEEN and is ready to make a new classic". To be fair, Zombie couldn't really have picked a better actor for the part but I fear they may be fighting a losing battle on this one. source - zombie's myspace, moviehole
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