Malcolm McDowell Lets Rip On The Avengers And Star Trek

McDowell compares Patrick Stewart's acting to watching paint dry.

Malcolm McDowell, star of such films as "A Clockwork Orange", "Caligula" and of course holding the dubious honor of being the man who killed Captain Kirk, sat down at the Hero Complex Film Festival recently to talk about his 40 year career and had some rather interesting things to say. Specifically, he took the opportunity to give his verdict on "The Avengers" and Patrick Stewart's acting. Speaking of his 'Star Trek: Generations' co-star, McDowell wasn't too complimentary of Stewart's performance as Jean Luc Picard. He said that if you enjoy watching Patrick Stewart ''spouting off for 40 minutes'' you might as well go "watch paint dry.'' Also, when he commented on killing Captain Kirk, he said he did Trekkies a ''favour' and that in his opinion JJ Abrams has finally made a decent "Star Trek" film. And while everyone happily praises "The Avenger"s as the best thing since sliced bread, McDowell calls it "mindless crap" and ''bollocks'' but said it was ''fun.'' McDowell also talks about working with Stanley Kubrick and tells about the time he visited Kubrick's widow after the director passed away in 1999. Whilst I do agree somewhat with his review of "The Avengers", I totally disagree with his comments on Patrick Stewart's acting and JJ Abrams 'Star Trek' being the first decent Trek film. A funny moment comes when he does realize he might have opened a can of worms when he asks during the interview if its being recorded for the internet. You can see the whole interview below and let us know if you agree or disagree with his polarising comments below...!
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