Man of Steel: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

He's given us an ideal to strive toward for over 70 years; the least we can do is get excited. And here's why.

Not long ago, we were graced with the presence of two of the most exciting trailers I€™ve seen in recent years, and both were for the same movie: The Man of Steel. Some will tell you these trailers are boring €“ oh look, there€™s a seagull; oh it€™s some rocks, great €“ these people are ignorant. If you€™re a fan of Superman, I€™ll wager that those trailers shook your very foundations. Maybe it€™s just hype, I€™ve been duped by it before, I€™m only human after all, but I can€™t fight the excitement that€™s bubbling within me for this newest Superman adventure. Even if you€™re not hugely sold on the character, surely you can recognise that there€™s something there, right? I mean, Superman, as a character, is over seventy years old, there have been several movies made and believe me, some of them have been terrible, but still he lives on. People still want to see him made flesh. And millions can€™t be wrong can they? Superman means so much, to so many. So much so that when the trailer was first shown at Comic Con, some fans openly wept; finally, a movie viewed Superman in the same way that the fans viewed him. Those trailers are a cathartic validation of our love for the character, and they present us with a lot to be excited about. So, let me take you through just ten of those very reasons. After all, it€™s why I€™m here.

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