Man Of Steel: 12 Questions Left By The Stupidest Superman Ever

Superman Suit Let me get this straight immediately, I liked Man Of Steel more than most seem to have, and it's all because I expected the worst: Superman has never been on the same level of awesome as other, quirkier superheroes, and I couldn't get all that excited for Snyder's redo. But, Snyder has achieved something with Man Of Steel - the fight scenes are good (if a little long) and the sequences dedicated to Clark's struggle to find his purpose (particularly those with Kevin Costner) were exceptional, even though they should never have been played out of order. There are major flaws, of course, but as a spectacle, Man Of Steel works, and it was underpinned by a lot of very good ideas. The major problems came with the script and plot, which are both unrestrained and fatally stupid in some places, and any real enjoyment of the film must come with the caveat that it's very much despite those aspects. Seriously though, when you strip away the artifice and the visuals, the plot is just plain dumb, and the way it's put together is unforgivably unartful. Russell the helpful space ghost? Really? So to celebrate the dumbest Superman movie ever released, we're posing 12 pertinent questions that remained when the end credits rolled.

Honourable Mention

Just How Much Jackass Did Michael Shannon Have To Watch To Nail Down His Perfect Impression Of Bam Margera? Don't get it? Here, it's uncanny... Presumably, Margera will be picking up a major image rights cheque very soon. WARNING: There be spoilers within. Obviously.

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