Man Of Steel: 5 Reasons The DC Movie Universe Will Disappoint You

Man Of Steel 2 Two weeks into the record-shattering debut of Man of Steel, it is clear that a shared DC movie universe will soon be upon us. There's a lot riding on this reboot; arguably the most anticipated film of the year. Prior to watching the movie, I was convinced that we were about to experience cinematic history. I felt it in my bones; this was going to be one of the greatest comic book adaptations of all time. I was wrong. If this is the tone of DC's future films, I€™m a little worried about what€™s to come. Let€™s be honest, the movie sucked. Yeah, we can kid ourselves that it had the best superhero action, and that Henry Cavill was perfect for the part, but at the end of the day, it was a Phantom Menace level disappointment. Rumour has it that executives at Warner Bros are counting on the Superman filmmakers to set the tone for future films featuring the likes of Wonder Woman and The Flash. Furthermore, it€™s believed that David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder, Man of Steel€™s writer and director, will serve as consultants in bringing the DC characters to life for more than just future sequels to Man of Steel. I€™m not down with that. Man of Steel and, to a lesser extent, The Dark Knight Rises, had certain€ issues; issues that I fear will continue to be a problem if the same people are involved in every forthcoming film. If Man of Steel is indeed used as a template, DC fans are in for a rude shock. Here are 5 reasons why the DC movies to come will let us down. Please be warned, SPOILERS ahead.

5. The Screenwriting

david goyer batman David S. Goyer is a titan in the field of comic book films. His resume speaks for itself. As fans, we are forever indebted to his good work. The Dark Knight Trilogy was definitely enhanced by his story contributions. That being said, the script is the foundation for a great story. Unfortunately, Man of Steel€™s screenplay was a rare misfire on his part. First of all, the dialogue was poorly written; a bit too on the nose on many occasions. In addition, clumsy exposition and a jarring non-linear structure didn't do the movie any favors. Speaking of non-linear storytelling, isn€™t it time for writers to try something different? It worked very well for Batman Begins, but unfortunately, as a narrative tool, it's starting to show its age. Furthermore, some of the characters made some pretty illogical decisions. Take Pa Kent for instance. With a tornado fast approaching, he instructs his invulnerable son to take cover while he attempts to rescue a dog. When things don't go as planned, he prevents his son from saving his life. Clark, on his part, watches helplessly as his old man dies. The third act certainly had its fair share of problems. How convenient that Zod suddenly acquired the ability to fly and assumed full command of his powers in time for the climactic last duel. I seem to remember Superman himself having a rocky takeoff before he could confidently take to the sky. If the next batch of DC films have as many plot holes and inconsistencies, it would be a great disservice to the material and the fans. DC should learn from Marvel's success. Even with that studio's least successful films, there is an attempt to ensure that they all have solid screenplays.

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