Man of Steel: 5 Ways Batman Could Appear

maons Comic book movies and hopeless speculation go together like PB & J; like World of Warcraft and low personal hygiene; like Christian Bale and upsetting camera crews. The point is; it wouldn€™t be a true comic book season without us here at WhatCulture towers approaching a comic book movie not like a visual experience there to be enjoyed; but a challenge of how good we are at predicting the future. This could come back to hit me in the face; Batman could not appear in Man of Steel at all, however if Warner Bros and DC want to build a money making universe on a par with Marvel€™s Avengers then they have to start interlinking their films. Furthermore this cannot be conceived as a harder task than Marvel€™s as DC have the two biggest superhero characters in the world in Batman and Superman; a combined screen presence which could overawe the Marvel Universe. As the days get closer to Man Of Steel€™s release; we entertain the ways in which Batman could appear in Man Of Steel; and DC start to take the fight to Marvel.

Post Credits Scene 1

A-AlfredPR180712The Scene: After Superman bravely saves the day and flies off into the sunset, he is met at his family home by Alfred (played by Michael Caine, of course) who is there to tell him that he€™s got a friend interested in meeting him; explaining that to protect the world they will need to work together. Why This Would Work: Interlinks the universe effectively without the need to renegotiate contracts with Christian Bale and also allows for a tantalising finale where Alfred talks about groups as a symbol, as a defender of justice in the typically Batman way and offers this to Superman; whose final job of this movie is to agree and leave the world spiralling into frenzy. IN THE MOVIE SCENE 1:The Scene: As the trailer shows; Superman has been captured by soldiers and is being taken into, what we assume is a government facility. This could go either one of two ways he is taken to see Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) who is using a personal bank account to create a facility that the Justice League he plans to form can hide out in. Or, what I think would be more fun, Superman is broken out of this facility by Catwoman, leaving him with the simple message that he has friends who need him free. Before stealing his watch. As she does. Why This Would Work: Could you imagine the fanboygasm if Christian Bale appeared in this movie? Though this could cause issues whilst taking the Justice League further if they had the original Bruce Wayne as a Nick Fury figure, when you consider Bruce Wayne in the comics wants Dick Grayson (his first replacement as Batman) to have the freedom to be his own man without him; the sheer effect his would have in kicking us towards a Justice League movie would be monumental. The alternative scene would be a fun kick back to The Dark Knight Rises with how fun a character Catwoman was whilst again merely introducing this idea of a Justice League on the horizon, building the idea slowly rather than kicking us straight into it.

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