Man Of Steel: Sample Clips From Hans Zimmer's Upcoming Score

manofsteel600 Now only a mere six weeks away from Superman's almost unrealistically anticipated relaunch in the form of Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel, fans are taking what they can get in terms of sneak peeks. Chances of a further trailer are doubtful, so other channels have to make do until June 14th. One of the more appetising developments as Man Of Steel began to take shape was the fact that Christopher Nolan was recruiting more or less his entire The Dark Knight Trilogy team to contribute to Superman's long-awaited rebrand. Of these contributors, none are as integral as Hans Zimmer. After redefining what audiences viewed as 'the Batman music', Zimmer is now faced with the challenge of creating something to anchor another legendary hero figure. Not only that, he has made it abundantly clear that he will not be including any elements of John Williams' classic score. Of course, this is a good thing. The last thing on anyone's mind during The Dark Knight Rises was Danny Elfman, but with Superman already owning such a classic piece of music (whereas Elfman's Batman score hardly lives that long in the memory), it will be interesting to hear just how many cylinders Zimmer comes out firing on. And, indeed, if there is any sort of subtle nod to the Superman score we know and love. Well, as luck would have it, fans can finally start to piece their hero's 21st century theme together via a collection of samples for Zimmer's Man Of Steel score which is due for release on June 11th, three days before the film hits screens worldwide. A pre-order for the limited deluxe edition is now up on Amazon, with 30-second clips from each of the tracks compiled into a 6-minute Youtube compilation which you can find below.

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