Marion Cotillard Cast In Assassin's Creed Movie

French actress has signed on for "multiple" Assassin's movies.

According to Deadline's original story on the deal, Marion Cotillard has signed on for not one but multiple Assassin's Creed movies. I just so happen to know a little bit about the story they've been planning, and so the multi-movie detail slightly surprised me. Nonetheless, let's try and work out which role Cotillard might be playing. As far as I know, casting has been going on for three main female roles. One of them is the wife of Michael Fassbender's character - or, rather, the wife of one of Michael Fassbender's characters, as he has two roles. She seems to be a pretty small part, though, and while Cotillard matches everything I know about the character, I'm thinking it's very unlikely she'll be back in future movies. Another character in the modern day portion of the story is a better fit. She's another assassin, and helps out Fassbender's character in a couple of action set-pieces. But this character was written as being in her 20s, and I've also got a feeling they might want somebody much more dependably 'stunty' than Cotillard. Or, you never know, she might be about to wow us all with her hitherto top-secret action movie skills. And then there's another possibility, an ancestor of that assassin. This character also comes to the assistance of Fassbender, just in this case it's the other Fassbender, the part he plays in the historic, 15th century portion of the film. If I had to back just one... it's a difficult call, but for now, I'll go with the modern-day assassin. Which means we may soon be seeing Cotillard go full-on Black Widow in a couple of big stunt set-pieces. That doesn't sound too bad at all, does it?
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