Mark Millar's Jupiter's Children Headed To Cinemas

Matthew Vaughn's MARV will produce the high concept tale.

Jupiters Legacy Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of the Transformer, Red and GI Joe movies, is teaming up with Mark Millar to get his comic series, Jupiter's Children, adapted into a movie. The Hollywood Reporter say that right now there's no director attached, nor a writer, but seeing as this has ended up at Matthew Vaughn's MARV, you can probably count him out of the running. Jupiter's Children is high concept stuff, dealing with the disappointing descendents of superpowered heroes. All this new generation want to do is exploit their powers as privilege, enjoying the fame, attention and velvet rope priorities. It's a deconstruction of how comic book heroes have been reinvented over the decades, it's a critique of a particularly millennial narcissism, and it's a character-driven adventure story all at once. And more besides. Millar was particularly proud of this comic and spoke about wanting to establish it on the page before even considering a movie deal. I guess he feels it's now set and the time is right to move on. There's a sort of retro kitschiness to some of the comic designs, particularly those of the older characters in their costumes, that seem unlikely to translate in a modern tentpole. Other than that, Millar has once again formulated something that seems like a cult hit wanting to happen. If you can actually call a following so big a 'cult' and get away with it.
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