Mark Ruffalo to direct SYMPATHY FOR DELICIOUS

First time writer And actor Chris Thornton will lead.

Zodiac star Mark Ruffalo is making the early career move into directing. Variety say his debut film as a helmsman will be Sympathy for Delicious, an adaptation of an original screenplay from Chris Thornton (first time scribe who was worked various jobs on film sets including grip, visual effects and production assistant) which will begin shooting in the fall in L.A. New company Corner Store Entertainment will finance, Thornton and Ruffalo will both star, as will Spider-Man's James Franco. Thornton in his first acting role to date will play "Delicious" Dean O'Dwyer, a wheelchair bound DJ who is struggling to survive in L.A. He turns to faith-healing and remarkably acquires the ability to cure sick people - though ironically not himself. Ruffalo will pay a Jesuit Priest who attempts to help him come to terms with both the wonders and the limitations of his gift and Franco will play a rock star that exploits the every growing famous healer. I have no idea where this Chris Thornton guy has come from and a few minutes of searching in google has found nothing. Can the guy write, can he act, what does he look like? If anyone knows do contact us because this is one hell of an interesting project. I'm fascinated.

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