Martin Freeman And Bill Hader Rumoured For Steven Spielberg's BFG

Production will get underway on March 23rd.

Spielberg Bfg There's definitely some new blood getting involved behind the scenes of Steven Spielberg's upcoming adaptation of The BFG with Deadline reporting that Walden Media are now backers on the project. They're longtime purveyors of young people's films that have pretty often come with Faith-positive or Christian message - like the Narnia series, for example. Less definite than this but much more interesting is the possibility of some new names getting involved more visibly. According to a tweet from Film Divider, Bill Hader and Martin Freeman are "likely" to join the cast. There's no indication on who they would play but I think Freeman will be a good match for Mr. Tibbs, butler at Buckingham Palace. Officially on the roster so far are Mark Rylance as the BFG himself, and Ruby Barnhill as his human friend, Sophie. As fans of Roald Dahl's original novel, or even the Cosgrove Hall animated feature, will know, The Queen of England is part of the story too, and so she'll have to be cast soon. Olivia Colman? Kristen Scott Thomas? Helen Mirren again? I did some digging and found out that Spielberg's trusted DOP Janusz Kaminski will be the cameraman on this project too. Production on The BFG will get underway on March 23rd, and we'll be seeing the film in US cinemas on July 1st 2016, and in the UK three weeks later, on July 22nd.
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