Robert De Niro confirms Scorsese's THE IRISHMAN Films Next Year!

Updated: Matt here, updating Neil's post from yesterday with exciting news! Doing the press rounds for Little Fockers - Hollywood legend Robert De Niro has confirmed Martin Scorsese's gangster film The Irishman (based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses) featuring De Niro acting alongside Joe Pesci and Al Pacino once again films next year!
€œe do have the one that we€™re definitely doing. Me, Joe Pesci, Pacino and Marty Scorsese directing... We have a very good script that Steven Zaillian wrote, and that we€™re definitely doing,€.
WOW! De Niro explains the more ambitious idea of a two-parter film, the latter of which written by Eric Roth (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and that would star De Niro and Scorsese in a Quasi-biopic of their actor/director working relationship may be a little off;
"The other idea is more ambitious, to do one with Eric doing a flashback/flashforward kind of thing and to do two movies in one and then separate them as movies. I don€™t know if that will happen.€
We're stoked for this. Fingers crossed it all comes together. Neil's original article follows... €”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€”€“ Together again at last and boy does Bobby need you Marty! Martin Scorsese, whilst speaking at the Bafta: A Life in Pictures Q&A confirmed that The Irishman, based on the Charles Brandt novel I Heard You Paint Houses, about notorious union official turned hitman Frank Sheeran, could go in front of camera's next year. In case your wondering 'painting houses' is code for whacking people. It will mark Scorsese and De Niro's 9th Picture together and their first director/actor team up since Casino 15 years ago. The film is currently looking for financing, though this should be a formality considering the marquee pair involved. Steven Zaillian who previously worked with Scorsese on Gangs of New York is currently working on the script. There was rumours a while back that a two-parter film was planned with Eric Roth (Curious Case of Benjamin Button) penning the second film, which would involve a relationship between a director and actor (which would see De Niro and Scorsese act together on screen) but we haven't heard anything on that for a while. For too long now it seemed De Niro had been content to coast by in lame thrillers or mug wildly in projects way below someone of his legendary talent and what better way to take everyone's mind off of the Little Fockers release next week than confirming this news now, and reminding people of a director/actor relationship responsible for the likes of Taxi Driver/Raging Bull/Mean Streets/The King Of Comedy/Goodfellas & Casino. And with recent rumours that Joe Pesci and Al Pacino may also come aboard, this could be a very special reunion project indeed. Of course they're both older now and De Niro is no longer Marty's main leading man, that's Leo's job now, but I bet they have still got something left in the tank for at least one last hurrah. It's been too long.

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