Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 Things That Could Prematurely End It

The potential pitfalls that Feige and co. need to avoid.

Back in 2008 Marvel launched the first part of what would wind up being the most ambitious superhero project to hit the big screen. At that point, the suggestion that they would go on to take over Hollywood would have made a lot of people doubt your sanity. They were a new studio, beginning with one B-list superhero and an actor associated with falling off the rails, and would have to stand out against household names like Batman, the X-Men and Spider-Man. And yet they pulled it off. Heck, last summer Marvel Studios managed to make a film involving a talking raccoon and a tree that can only say three words into the blockbuster of the year. This suggests a studio surging with confidence, and a fictional universe reaching the point of invincibility. However, the bright lights of Hollywood mask a fickle reality, where triumphs can be cast aside in the space of one box office bomb or critical flop. While Marvel is probably able to bounce back from one atrocious film, there are still lots of things that could damage it irrevocably. Keeping the audience engaged is vital to a franchise€™ survival, so anything that puts people off could contribute to the MCU€™s premature death. Here are ten things that Kevin Feige and company will have to be aware of to ensure that their long-term project doesn€™t fizzle and end before its time.

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