Marvel Civil War: 21 Predictions For Who Will Side With Who

Captain America or Iron Man?

The recent news that Robert Downey, Jr. is set to appear in Captain America 3 has led people to believe that a Civil War movie is on the horizon. Whether or not Captain America 3 will actually be that movie is still open to debate, but it's more than likely that it will merely plant the seeds for a much more grand event - perhaps played out over the course of several movies - in the future. In the comic books, Civil War is a storyline that revolves around the enforcement of an initiative known as the Superhuman Registration Act. After a war between the rookie heroes known as the New Warriors and the villain Nitro, Nitro exploded, seemingly killing the entire team and a huge number of civilians (including sixty school children nearby). The United States government were compelled to designate all superheroes and villains as "Living Weapons of Mass Destruction" and introduced the act to ensure all superhuman activity was carried out officially and in a controlled and organised manner. Of course, not every superhuman agreed with the idea and those who were pro-registration (a side led by Iron Man) ended up feuding with those who were anti-registration (led by Captain America) in the titular Civil War. It put a divide between several characters who were formerly friends and that's exactly what we expect to happen in a movie version. In this article, we're going to predict who would be on whose side in a live action version of the story. Here are twenty-one predictions for who would side with who in a Marvel Cinematic Universe Civil War movie...

Honourable Mention: Spider-Man (A Bit Of Both)

It's a massive long-shot that Spider-Man will ever be involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he would arrive as something of an anomaly if he did become part of it. The character is currently tied up with Sony, but a poor reception for his recent movies has reportedly led to discussions between Sony and Marvel Studios about transferring the rights to the character over. As he would be unique in that sense, it would only be right that he would have a unique part in this storyline - just like he did in the comics. Spidey was an important part of the Civil War comic book arc and he switched sides in the process. Initially, he supported the Superhuman Registration Act, but he switched sides when his Aunt May was shot because people knew his identity. It would be very cool if that happened in the movie version - especially if the Iron-Spider version was fighting for the pro-registration side, then we saw the classic Spider-Man fighting on the anti-registration side. And now on to the actual list...

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