Marvel Finally Reveal Spider-Man In New Captain America: Civil War Trailer

It's all in the eyes.

I've been sat all day diligently refreshing the Marvel YouTube channel waiting for the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War to drop and of course it hits just as I'm about to leave the office! Classic.

It was definitely worth the wait though; it's a great trailer on a basic level, selling the movie to those who don't follow every minor development while still offering up plenty for fans who've been anticipating this movie since before it got a proper title. There's going to be a full breakdown hitting the site later today, but for now let's quickly discuss the big take-aways.

OK, the majority of the trailer is focused on setting up the war and the Russo's "splash page" fight at the airport. It looks like there's no single inciting incident that starts the war (and it's explicitly called a war in here), with everything in the MCU so far is being used as motivation for the Sokovia Accords instead (the movie's approximation of the Superhero Registration Act). There's now a better sense of how those battle lines are drawn, with the collapse of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark's friendship broadly shown, as well as Bucky's essential involvement in it all furthered.

Marvel have become known for showing a little too much in their trailers, but this one looks have kept to the right side of teasing, offering glimpses at cool moments - Scarlet Witch incapacitating Vision, Ant-Man attacking Iron Man - without ruining resolution and keeping plenty for the movie. On that note, it also looks like Rhodey is definitely not going to die - this is the third trailer in a row that's made a big deal that War Machine will be injured, meaning that it would simply be too obvious to have him bite the dust.

But that's all small fry compared to the big talking point. There were rumours Marvel were going to reveal the new-look MCU Spider-Man in this trailer, so Tom Holland popping up at the end isn't exactly a surprise, but we still got the first look at the MCU Spider-Man. That's a big deal. It's a proper, cartoony costume, looking like it was directly lifted from the page with nary a concern for grounding it in a hyper-real world, which is great.

It's certainly distinct from both the Raimi and Webb versions, and even boasts cool adjusting eyes (no doubt a piece of Stark tech). Funnily enough, it's rather similar to the version from the 1977 TV movie, one of Marvel's earliest forays into live action adventures. How things come full circle, right? Here's hoping this is the limit of Spidey's focus in the marketing - he's unlikely to have a major role in the movie, and this does a good job of establishing him as existing without giving much more away (he's on Team Stark, but that's about it), so it'd be a shame to have it all ruined.

Anyway, about that trailer:

What did you make of the trailer, and in particular the new Spider-Man? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.


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