Marvel Or DC Quiz: Who Said It - Iron Man Or Batman?

Which one of our favorite Billionaire superheroes said it?

Marvel Studios

The Marvel vs DC battle is nothing new and the most popular one among them is the battle of comic book world’s most expensive heroes, Iron Man and Batman. Both are clear counterparts, not in their basic equipment, but in their personalities.

Billionaires, playboys (to be fair, Bruce likes to hide this part a little more), philanthropists, art lovers and extremely capable intelligent humans, there’s no telling what would happen if we pitted them against each other. Comparing them is merely suggestive, but it’s fun and we definitely want to see them in combat.

Not only they are billionaire superheroes, they also bring billions of dollars at the box office making Iron Man vs Batman an even bigger debate leading to a lot of fan theories. But no one knows for sure who’ll emerge victorious. Maybe, it’s the one who uses his wealth to fight crime better or the one who does that in a more entertaining way.

Who’s to say and before we let our minds drift, can you tell these two superheroes apart from their quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. “Part Of The Journey Is The End. When I Drift Off, I Will Dream About You. It’s Always You.”


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