Marvel Quiz: Bet You Can't Name These MCU Characters!

For every hero and villain you remember, there are characters you forget about!

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We have all grown up knowing about superheroes. Whether it's from cartoons, comic books or early movie adaptations we are well aware of Marvel and Stan Lee's creations. But even Stan Lee couldn't have foreseen the popularity and demand when the MCU hit the big screens.

Marvel's Cinematic Universe is arguably the biggest powerhouse on the planet when it comes to movies right now. The vastness and depth of the universe leaves many other competitors feeling small in comparison. Boasting superhero icons such as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Hulk, it was inevitable that they would crossover in the Avengers sooner or later.

But whilst all the attention is on the big hitters like the Avengers, they often find that they couldn't get half as far without the support of allies and friends. These are the names that tend to go unnoticed whilst all the glory and praise goes elsewhere.

Do you consider yourself to be a true Marvel Cinematic Universe fan? How confident are you that you can name all of these not so well known characters?

Answers are at the end!

1. Who Is This?

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