Marvel Quiz: How Many MCU Characters Can You Correctly Identify?

How many of these Marvel Cinematic Universe characters do you recognise?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most successful film franchise of the modern era. Since 2008, Disney’s adaptation of the Marvel universe has resulted in twenty-two feature films released in cinemas so far, with several more on the immediate horizon. This isn't even mentioning the considerable amounts of television shows also in the works to further expand the universe.

In these films, there have been a wide array of characters. From the big stars like Iron Man, Hulk and Captain Marvel, to memorable supporting characters such as Loki, Nick Fury and Shuri, the MCU is populated with hundreds of named on screen figures that have helped shape the last decade of blockbuster cinema.

But a film is not made by one superhero alone in screen for two hours, and thus a sprawling cast of less iconic (but often still important) figures also exist in the MCU.

Some characters in this universe will be known by pretty much every audience member from first glance, but only die hard fans of the MCU will be able to confidently guess all of these fifteen figures from Kevin Feige’s sprawling world. Good luck!

1. Which Character Is This?

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