Marvel's The Avengers Gets New Trailer Wednesday

Marvel reveal a new trailer will be premiered online this week.

Marvel Studios confirmed yesterday that a new trailer for The Avengers will be hitting the web this week. The trailer is due online this coming Wednesday according to a message Marvel posted on the official film's Facebook page on Sunday; "Only 3 days left until the premiere of the new "Marvel€™s The Avengers" trailer on iTunes!" It only feels like five minutes ago that the full length Super Bowl trailer was released for the movie but with the May 4th release date quickly approaching they need to start pulling out all the stops to give the film the chance of hitting The Dark Knight Rises esque box office numbers. What do you hope and expect to see in the new trailer for Marvel's big superhero ensemble this week? Do we want to see more Hulk smash? More Thor and his hammer? More of Scarlett Johansson in that tight fitting Black Widow costume? You can see the previously released trailer below; The Avengers is actually coming April 27th in the UK, a whole week before the Marvel superhero ensemble is released in the United States.
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