Masters Of The Universe: He-Man Movie Finally Has A Release Date

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Today, we have news that the new take on He-Man - titled Masters Of The Universe just like that other one we probably shouldn't mention - finally has a release date.

The live action movie - which will no longer be directed by McG (according to EW) - will be written by David S Goyer, and casting is now underway with "numerous A-Listers" in the frame. Presumably, that means Kellan Lutz - who was previously attached tentatively - is out.

Apparently, Sony are looking for a tone similar to the MCU, which is a good thing, since there's no way He-Man should be serious (and there's no way a property that camp could work without self-awareness). It should be a Taika Waititi style comedy, in all honesty, but that's too much of a dream.

In addition, it seems Sony have also moved the Miles Morales-focused animated Spider-Man away fromAquaman, by shifting it up a week to December 14, 2018.

Masters of the Universe opens in cinemas on December 18th 2019.

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