Matt Damon claims 'nobody bothered to call' him about THE BOURNE LEGACY

I'm guessing you would need two hands to count how many times Matt Damon turned down Universal's lucrative advances for him to return for a fourth 'Bourne' movie. Bearing that in mind, his cynical and bitter comments about 'The Bourne Legacy' which Tony Gilroy shoots next year without Jason Bourne involved as a character, just seems so unnecessary.
€œI found out they€™re making another when somebody saw it on the Internet. Nobody bothered to call me. I€™m not in it, but even so, they€™ll work €˜Bourne€™ into the title I guess. Universal just wants to call everything the Bourne something. So I guess they are trying to make another franchise and as they say, €˜It isn€™t over until it€™s over.€™€
The truth is Damon gave up his right to complain about this series when he said the franchise was done in his eyes. And honestly, he's getting off lightly compared to other franchise leads and their beloved creations. They haven't re-cast his role and they have left it completely open for him to return further down the road, whenever he wants. Speaking of 'The Bourne Legacy'; I'm seeing a lot of fans call out for Chris Pine and Tom Hardy to take up the mantle and yes I would love to see either lead 'The Bourne Legacy' but the chances of either being cast are slim to non-existent. 'The Bourne Legacy' already has a August 2012 release date set, and Pine (Jack Ryan reboot, followed by 'Star Trek 2') and Hardy ('Batman 3' followed by 'Mad Max') are simply actors out of reach for Universal on this one. You'll have to think a wider net for who it could be, though the way he is being courted for everything, I guess the next rumour will be Michael Fassbender.

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