Matt Damon says next Bourne movie is his last

damon-1.jpgThis summer's The Bourne Ultimatum will be the last for Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. The actor spoke to The Daily Telegraph whilst out in Cannes promoting the upcoming Ocean's Thirteen, where he let everyone know he wouldn't be returning for a fourth movie...

€œThe Bourne thing I'm definitely done with,€
There are currently four books in Robert Ludlum's Bourne cannon, with this summer's movie being the third one translated to the big screen. The Bourne Legacy released in 2004 by writer Eric Van Lustbader has yet to be made into a feature film, so you can bet your ass that the big money this summer's movie makes, Universal won't be so willing to walk away from the character as easily as Damon. With Lustbader currently writing a fifth book in the series, Universal will no doubt see this as being a potential "Bond" like franchise, so expect the role to be re-cast for the next film. Mark Wahlberg would seem the obvious choice... maybe too obvious. source - coming soon


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