Matt Dillon joins Old Dogs

Old Dogs is the next film from Wild Hogs helmer Walter Becker which is set to deal with similar themes to the mega Walt Disney hit. The movie is about two middle aged men who are forced to look after twins for two weeks and just like Wild Hogs it will deal with men trying to reconnect to their youth. As we already know, John Travolta and Robin Williams will be the two guys who look after the kids, with Travolta's real life wife (Kelly Preston) and daughter (Elle Travolta) also cast. News from The Hollywood Reporter today is that Matt Dillon has also signed up for the movie and the description of his role reveals a little more about the plot...

Dillon will play Barry, the overzealous leader of the summer camp where they take the kids. He is ultraconservative and thinks the two men (Williams, Travolta) are actually gay lovers who have adopted the twins. He keeps a sharp eye on the two at all times.
You know this movie is starting to grow on me. Just like Becker did with Wild Hogs, he's got together a great cast of funny actors and I would expect this movie to do pretty well next Summer, if not quite the huge numbers Wild Hogs did.


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