Matt nearly has a heart attack... Keanu not in Watchmen

reeves-keanu-photo-xl-keanu-reeves-6225996.jpgBrowsing the news on a morning is always quite exciting. Who knows what actor/genre/movie I'm going to have to talk about each day, like the Ray Winstone in Indiana Jones story... who would have thought it? But when Variety have the headline Whitaker in talks for Watchman and the sub title Oscar-winner may be joining Reeves in film.... I nearly had a heart attack. Keanu Reeves in Watchmen? Good god no. I don't want his static acting ruining what could be an amazing film. Forest Whitaker would have been great though, but who knows what role he could have played? Imagine my relief then, when I click on the story and it's The Night Watchman movie scripted by James Ellroy which Whitaker and Reeves will be starring in. Harsh Times helmer David Ayer will be directing the movie. More info from the trade... Reeves was set last month to play a member of an elite group of LAPD cops who questions the ruthless tactics he has used to become such an effective force in solving murders and battling gang violence and drugs. Whitaker will play a captain of the elite unit called Ad/Vice. Let's just be thankful it's not the Alan Moore adaptation. source - variety
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