Matt Vaughn casts his KICK-ASS lead

Problem is we don't know who it is...

Comic book writer Mark Millar continues to be the best source of information regarding film adaptations of his own graphic novels, he is never shy in letting out details we weren't previously and often what we shouldn't be aware of. Millar has told the guys at BreaktheFourthWall that director Matthew Vaughn (Stardust, Layer Cake) has cast "an unknown actor in America" as his good guy lead for Kick-Ass and that shooting will begin in London in three weeks time. Production will then move to Canada (which is doubling as New York) before finishing back up in London.

Does that mean Vaughn has chosen a fellow Brit, someone that we would know over here but Americans might not? Last week Superbad star Christopher Mintz-Plasse was cast as the film's villain "Red Mist" and young Chloe Moretz was signed up as a 13 year old ninja sword wielding avenger! Kick-Ass is Marvel's 21st century answer to Spider-Man with a much more grounded in reality tale of a youngster who becomes a costumed superhero and it's known for it's graphic violence and controversial themes. Vaughn directs this movie as his next picture after struggling to convince Marvel that a big budget Thor movie could make a return. source - coming soon

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