Matthew McConaughey Weird Noise Supercut Is As Hilarious As It Sounds

Dialogue doesn't get any better than this.

Matthew McConaughey Wolf Of Wall Street
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Matthew McConaughey might have successfully escaped from acting limbo as go-to-guy for terrible rom-coms and bagged himself an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performances in Dallas Buyers Club, but thanks to a great supercut fans can now experience his film career from a very peculiar perspective.

Whether it's Samuel L. Jackson having a rant or Keanu Reeves saying "Whoa!", many actors have a definable tick or "trademark" which is uniquely their own (if you want to read more on this check out this great breakdown of actors who do the same thing in every movie).

McConaughey's "thing" happens to be making some very strange noises indeed. A lot.


Here's the supercut:


If you were wondering where the clips from Interstellar were, the creators of the video explained the omission in a comment: "The sounds from that movie were not weird or funny so we cut them". If you needed an excuse to revisit the film, here it is.

If watching McConaughey making freaky noises isn't enough, here's another great video covering all the times Owen Wilson says "Wow!" in his films (hint: it's also a lot):


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