Matthew Perry is 17 again

The Hollywood Reporter says Perry will play second fiddle to Zac Efron of all people in 17, New Line's teen comedy which will be directed by IGBY GOES DOWN helmer Burr Steers. Basically the film is a rip-off from BIG, VICE VERSA, 13 GOING ON 30 and probably more movies in which a middle-age father who wakes up to find he's 17 again. In order to be close to his children (yes they can't even get that part of the plot right... he SHOULD be playing a character who wants to relive his youth), he enrolls in the same school as them. Leslie Mann who was hilarious in KNOCKED UP is also on board as Perry's wife. Production begins early next month and seriously, the idea of Efron leading a movie like this just gives me shivers. Does he really have the talent to carry this film?

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