Matt's Cool Box: Quentin Tarantino's filmography in minimalist poster form!!

Ibraheem Youssef is a Toronto based Arts Designer with a love for movies, especially those filmed from the lens of Quentin Tarantino. The following are are set of minimalist art posters he created from the Tarantino's filmography, featuring quirky, left-field homages and/or memorable moments from each of his seven movies. Can you remember where a paper plane figures into Jackie Brown or why different coloured pencils are featured on a poster for Reservoir Dogs? Surely anyone who has seen Inglourious Basterds remembers the "German hand sign for three", Tarantino's variation on the infamous "good luck" foul-up from The Great Escape. If you wanna get your hands on these cool posters, each one hand-signed by Youssef and engraved with their own limited edition number then head over to his site here. They come as 12—18 prints or 24—36 with prices starting at $32. Click "read more" to see them... Matt's Cool Box is a new daily feature showcasing a product, film or basically something cool which we think is interesting, informative and/or fun. If you have any ideas for this feature, make sure you e-mail us! Stay tuned same time tomorrow for another feature "to hot it needs to chill" in Matt's Cool Box!

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