FROST/NIXON interviewed on Charlie Rose!

I love posting Charlie Rose interviews. It just feels to me that we talk about these movies for so long, most of the time for as long as two years trying to second guess, ponder, wonder, disect and predict everything about a movie and the film-maker and actor intentions and then suddenly, a Charlie Rose interview is here answers them all. Well not quite. The movie itself should do that but this is about as close as we could get without actually seeing the movie. Although having said that, I am planning on seeing FROST/NIXON tonight, so there ya go. Anyway enjoy, the interview with Frank Langella and Ron Howard are broken up into parts. Part I is below, Part II you can find HERE.

Part II HERE. FROST/NIXON is out now in the U.S. and is playing in U.K. cinema's from January 23rd.
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