MCU: 10 British Villains In Marvel's Cinematic Universe - Ranked Worst To Best

Earth's Mightiest Heroes Vs Britain's Meanest Scoundrels...

Marvel Studios

Although Marvel's Cinematic Universe has spent the last decade ushering in a new era of Hollywood history, its success is built firmly on a foundation of long-held traditions. For better or worse, action movies made in America will often feature their own heroes fighting enemies who are foreign rather than domestic, and it has also become the custom to hire actors from this very sceptred isle to bring these villainous types to life.

Rather than just German terrorists taking over skyscrapers however, the threats in the MCU come from much more exotic locations and with much bigger targets in their sights, but that hasn't stopped bankable British thespians from being the ones who bring them down to Earth. Even Everett Ross, the good guy CIA agent who carries out his government's questionable orders without question is played by quintessential Englishman Martin Freeman.

So here's a look at those with a bigger agenda than the ends justifying the means, and who follow in the likes of Terance Stamp's General Zod to Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus in representing the opposing side of the moral spectrum right from the very beginning of Marvel's biggest ever creative risk, way back in 2008.


One man fate has made indescribable