MCU: 10 Fascinating Facts About Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Wait – so who is Ned Leeds?

Spider-Man Homecoming Peter Karen
Marvel Studios

With Spider-Man: Homecoming being such a carefully crafted movie, it’s inevitable there’s a metric ton of interesting facts about it.

Considering the sheer levels of Easter eggs, and nods to the overall Spider-Man mythos, it’s almost surprising that the entirety of fascinating facts about the film aren’t solely about how many references they managed to fit in one viewing experience.

But the process with which Homecoming was made actually manages to be equally interesting. While executive decisions about tone and when to film don’t sound groundbreaking, the fine detail of how the film came to be actually only makes the whole movie seem even better – which, for dire hard Spider-Man fans, may almost be too good to be true.

Between major characters hidden in the background, secret book references, and even the wildly different original plot, there’s little that isn’t interesting about Spider-Man: Homecoming.

10. There’s A Secret Miles Morales Reference

Spider-Man Homecoming Peter Karen
Marvel Comics

While Donald Glover’s appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming was great on acting terms alone, it was spiced up even further by it raising the idea that Miles Morales – known best as the Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2099 – may be appearing in this universe sometime soon.

Glover talks about a nephew he has who lives in the neighbourhood, and who he wants to look out for. With the character Glover plays – Aaron Davis – being canonically Miles Morales’ uncle in the comic universe, this seems a sure sign that the beloved character may feature in a future film.

Recently revealed deleted scenes have only served to strengthen this belief, as in one Glover phones his nephew, and refers to him explicitly as Miles – which is a pretty solid sign Morales has been thought about in the context of the Homecoming universe.

While Miles’ presence in the animated Spider-Man film was nothing short of sublime, a live-action appearance would be sure to add that little extra hype to the established universe.


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