MCU: 10 Fascinating Facts Behind Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)

7. It Almost Included A Wakanda Sequence

Captain America Civil War Wakanda

While we didn't visit Wakanda until the post-credits scene of Captain America: Civil War, it was officially introduced in Age Of Ultron with the use of Vibranium as the key ingredient to Ultron's phyical evolution. Whedon actually planned to take the film there physically too:

“We were originally going to Wakanda, but, because we weren’t using anybody from ‘Black Panther,’ we kept going less and less to Wakanda until I referred to it as ‘Wakinda’. You know, it’s sort of on the outskirts. It became a tease and not worth it, but we wanted the Vibranium dealer and the arms dealer and all that. So Klaue was the suggestion.”

Interestingly, Whedon also revealed that Andy Serkis' casting as Klaue came from the most unlikely of places - a fantasy fancasting online:

“When we thought of it, Jeremy [Latcham] went through and looked at images of Klaw online. Some fan had put out Andy Serkis as Klaw and, obviously, we were already working with Andy. He and his Imaginarium were guiding Mark [Ruffalo] and James [Spader] in their movement.”

So, as well as making his own mark as Klaue, Serkis also had another role to play on the film, helping the mo-cap actors to realise their performances with his vast experience in that field.


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