MCU: 10 Fascinating Facts Behind Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Dragons, giant space snakes and how to keep Tom Holland silent...

Infinity War
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When Joss Whedon was charged with writing a film for Thanos, he couldn't do it. He said he loved the character, but that he couldn't understand him the same way he could Ultron and all of his failings. That's partly why he dropped out of the MCU and we should be thankful for his honesty.

Because in his absence, the Russo Brothers (and their writing team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely) came up with the perfect way to end the Infinity Saga's slow build and send us hurtling towards the climax of Endgame. They made Thanos complex, perversely relatable and horribly compelling in a way few other cinematic villains are and their success in him was reflected in how brilliantly Infinity War was as a film.

As we stand on the very precipice of the release of Avengers: Endgame, we're looking back at the other side of the Infinity Saga coin...

10. The Extreme Anti-Spoiler Methods

Spider-Man Far From Home Tom Holland

Maybe that should just read "the extreme anti-Spidey methods" because we all know who the chief offender was when it comes to MCU leaks. After he spoiled way too much of Spider-Man: Homecoming for Marvel's liking, Tom Holland even worked it into his professional character.

To combat him potentially spoiling anything, Holland wasn't even allowed to read the script. And to continue the use of his tendency to blab in the film's marketing, one promo for the film features several of the cast in an interrogation room refusing to reveal any spoilers, while Holland's mouth is taped shut. Presumably because he couldn't stop even if he tried.

Mark Ruffalo was also a big old spoiler in the past too, and he has since revealed that he was given a fake script because of his past misdemeanours. He actually claimed the fake one was superior.

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