MCU: 10 Fascinating Facts Behind Iron Man 3 (2013)

7. Epic Games' Involvement

gears of war 3

If you watch the end credits closely, you'll notice that there's a credit thanking Epic Games for their assistance in making the film. Now, since there aren't any Gears Of War cameos in there, you could be forgiven for having scratched your head at that one.

It turns out that the company's offices stood in for the HQ of Stark Industries. That was partly thanks to a massive tax break offered to Marvel Studios to film in North Carolina.

There's another famous location in there too - the bar that sees Rhodey tell Tony Stark about the Mandarin (and where Stark has an anxiety attack) is Neptune's Nest in Malibu. It's actually a recreated set of the famous biker hangout but film fans will have recognised it as being a key location in Point Break. Which might be why Stark calls Thor that precise nickname throughout the franchise.

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