MCU: 10 Insanely-Powerful Villains Who Could Be The New Thanos

It's high time the great Doctor Doom got the respect he deserves!

Marvel Comics

This question was inevitable, wasn't it?

Now that the MCU's first three phases, centring around Thanos and the infinity gems, has finally wrapped up, the big question is rather obvious, isn't it? Who's going to take the Mad Titan's place?

It can't just be anyone, after all. Well, it CAN, but we don't want it to. The big bad of the next however many phases it takes to put them in the dirt Marvel villain has to be something special. Someone who can take on the entire MCU and still have a solid chance of coming out on top. Fortunately, the Marvel universe has more than enough big bads that can do exactly that.

From cosmic gods, to master criminals, to galactic conquerers, the Marvel universe is so jam-packed with those that do not mean this one tiny intergalactic ball of mud and water well that it's a wonder why we've lasted this long. Seriously, we can barely even keep OURSELVES from extinction level events.

There can be only one and these are the top Marvel heavy hitters that could The Avengers for a ride next...


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